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LS. Dang Hoang Dung

Dear Valued Customers,

With a population of about 92 million and a young population structure and high GDP growth rate, Vietnam is truly a vibrant and promising market for trade and investment.

However, in the process of international economic integration, due to many economic, historical and cultural factors, the Vietnamese legal system is always in a state of lobbying. Many regulations have been amended, many new regulations have been issued, these issues hinder the understanding, application and enforcement of laws in Vietnam. This is no small challenge for domestic and foreign businesses when investing and doing business in Vietnam.

In the face of the need for legal assistance from many organizations, individuals and businesses, IntracoLaw was established by a team of lawyers with many years of experience in the field of legal advice, investment advice, trade. , intellectual property, dispute resolution, land, real estate, finance, banking.

Intraco Law's principle is to support businesses to have the most up-to-date and accurate legal knowledge. Intraco Law's customers will get professional advice to apply the legal regulations in a standard way for businesses. Besides, the optimal legal solutions are what Intraco Law will bring when customers need.

Quality of work and customer satisfaction are always the top goals Intraco Law aims to.

Hope to have a good cooperation between IntracoLaw and customers

Best regards,


Lawyer . Dang Hoang Dung


Intracolaw Law Office is knowledgeable about legal procedures, with long experience working with state management agencies in Vietnam as well as having connections with foreign law firms to help foreign businesses in Investments in Vietnam as well as overseas investment activities, overseas …


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