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Real Estates

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This is one the key services which IntracoLaw Firm has intensive experiences. The detail of the service which we are practicing are as follows:

Overall consultation on real estates and construction for investors.

The investment opportunities varies from province to province according to the policy of each province. In highly density populated area like Hanoi and Hochiminh City the issue even becomes more sensitive. IntracoLaw Firm is advising client a panoramic view of certain area which investors wish to come.


Land surveying and study. Clients shall be helped by IntracoLaw Firm to have sufficient information of the spot such as the land owner, the legal status of the land, the current land planning of the spot and the chance to obtain green light from land owner toward client’s wishes.

Legal advising and consultancy on specific real state project such as new urban area, residential complex, office and commercial centre complex, hotel and resort projects.

Advising cooperation plan and setting negotiation goals to works with land owner to obtain positive result in terms of agreement on cooperating with investors to carry out the projects.

Advising legal requirement for real estate projects from land planning indexes, land usage policy, land acquisition procedures.

Advising and proceeding procedure to change land use purpose as required by laws.

Representing clients in working with state agencies to obtain their nod concerning the project. Ensuring the legitimacy of investor, harmonizing the investors’ request with government regulation, Obtaining land usage indexes such as land coefficient, land usage density, transportation solution ... in favorable to investors.

If you have any query or demand to use our services, please contact  in details:

Lawyer Dang Hoang Dung
Telephone : +84 4 628 42684/5 ext: 101
Yahoo: intracolaw
Mobile: +84 9 130 59573
Fax: +84 4 628 42686
Email: main@intracolaw.com.vn

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No. 413, 4th Floor, B15, Dai Kim – Dinh Cong
Hoang Mai, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel: 84-24-62842684/5; (ext: 101)
Fax: 84-24-62842686;
Email: main@intracolaw.com.vn
Skype: hoangdunglawyer

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