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This is the legal practicing field that IntracoLaw Firm’s lawyers not only have intensive experience but also are enthusiastic to get involved in the cases. With the motto of comprehensively protecting all the lawful rights and interests of clients, IntracoLaw Firm’s clients shall be advised the most cost and time effective way to follow the case.

For years, IntracoLaw Firm has been assisting many clients in civil and commercial deputes at Courts and arbitration bodies. The contents of this services are as follows:


Client representation in negotiating with the counter party in the conflict. With the profound knowledge and being well experienced in the litigation and enforcement process in Vietnam and some foreign countries, IntracoLaw Firm’s lawyers are capable of persuading concerning parties to reach to a compromise basing on pros and cons of the case for each party.

Representing client in collecting, building up and solidifying evidences and arguments. Evidences are important materials and play a vitality role in each case.

Prescription expiry treatment. When the prescription expires, the chance to sue is not likely available. There should be appropriate measures to be applied to renew the prescription.

Emergency measure application. This measures in many cases are quite important especially in order to guarantee the possibility of verdict enforcements. In cases which were handled by IntracoLaw Firm, once this measure is applied, the respondent might withdraw from the case and accept to negotiate with the claimant.

Representing client in litigation process at all-level People’s Courts, at arbitration bodies inside and outside of Vietnam.

Representing clients in coordinating with enforcement bodies to enforce the in-effect verdicts, decision, awards. The enforcement process also comprises of verifying the concerning parties’ assets, applying appropriate measure regarding the assets.

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