IntracoLaw Firm provides legal service for enterprises on daily basis, answering and advising any questions of problem occurs from enterprises operation. IntracoLaw Firm shall have immediate respond.

International Trade

Client representing in Foreign trade dispute amicable resolution
Client representing Litigation proceeding


Establishment advising: we are advising clients in terms of their operation setting up in Vietnam which covers business planning


Labor management and power delegation advising.

Works permit for foreigners.


Advising on all duties related to taxation in Vietnam from value added tax, corporate income tax, withholding tax, personal income tax.


Bonds issuance, bonds guarantee advising:

Share issuance invising

Banking and Finance

One of the major service field of IntracoLaw Firm is banking and finance, IntracoLaw Firm is assiting banks and financail institutions in their financial and banking transaction, IntracoLaw Firm is primarily focusing following serivces

Mergers and Acquisitions

This is a strong tier service of IntracoLaw Firm. Lawyers of IntracoLaw Firm are well experiences in helping investors to acquire or sell a partial or total entity in a secured, smooth, cost & time effective ways.


Whenever, a real estates projects is carried out, legal services concerning construction is needed. IntracoLaw Firm is helping investors, contractors in construction fields such as:

Real Estates

This is one the key services which IntracoLaw Firm has intensive experiences. The detail of the service which we are practicing are as follows: