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Registration procedures of fertilizer

  1. Consult and draft of registration dossier for testing fertilizer and issuance of registration certificate of testing fertilizer; expertising dossier of test result. Dossier for recognizing new fertilizer;

Registration of animal feeds

We, IntracoLaw Firm, introduce our legal services related to register animal feed, as follows:

Registration of food quality declaration

We would like to introduce some services relating to registration of food quality declaration as follows:

Registration of Cosmetic

IntracoLaw Firm introduces some legal services of Cosmetic Registration as follows:

Registration procedures of agrochemical products

  1. Consult and carry out legal procedures for registration of Agrochemical Products (official registration, additional registration and extension of registration);

Registration of veterinaries

We, IntracoLaw Firm, introduce our legal services related to register veterinaries, as follows:

Registration of pharmaceutical products criculation.

We, Intracolaw would like to introduce some services of pharmaceutical product registration includes:

Registration of chemicals

We, IntracoLaw Firm, introduce our legal services related to register chemicals, as follows:

  1. Consulting and providing legal procedures on circulating chemicals;

Post License services

After obtaining investment license, there are still legal procedures and works to tackle and IntracoLaw Firm shall be there to help investors in:
· Obtaining construction approval: With intensive experiences in the field of real estates and constructions,

Investment Administrative Procedures

Investors would have been convenient save time and reduce risk when using the services of investment for licenses or permits adjustment of IntracoLaw Investment Firm. IntracoLaw Firm provides the following services:

Legal services on Investment

IntracoLaw Firm is providing comprehensive legal service “all-round package” for investor which cover all the aspects of investment in both pre and post license phases

Investment analyses

Each investor always need as much information as possible to decide whether to invest or not, what is the size of investment, where and when to do it. IntracoLaw Firm is helping investors to adressing this issues:

Dispute Resolution

Đây là lĩnh vực mà luật sư của IntracoLaw Firm không những giàu kinh nghiệm và còn giàu nhiệt huyết sắn lòng hỗ trợ khách hàng xử lý các vụ tranh chấp. Với phương châm bảo vệ tối đa quyền và lợi ích hợp pháp của khách hàng


IntracoLaw Firm provides legal service for enterprises on daily basis, answering and advising any questions of problem occurs from enterprises operation. IntracoLaw Firm shall have immediate respond.

International Trade

Client representing in Foreign trade dispute amicable resolution
Client representing Litigation proceeding