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After obtaining investment license, there are still legal procedures and works to tackle and IntracoLaw Firm shall be there to help investors in:
· Obtaining construction approval: With intensive experiences in the field of real estates and constructions,
IntracoLaw Firm shall smoothly help investors regarding the matter of architectural issue, construction designing , land uasge planning, fire preventive measure, electricity and water supply.
· Seal: Seal is required for each company and seal must be used in all document issued by company.
· Labor matter: All mater related shall be consulted such as labor contract, labor regulation, trade union agreement. Investors shall be assisted in drafting, negotiating and registering at state competent bodies.
· General legal services:.During the daily operation of each project, there shall be many legal issued which need to be addressed and solved. IntracoLaw Firm is always ready to help investors have the most suitable solution in complicane with Vietnam laws and guranteeing the interests of investor is protected.
If you have any query or demand to use our services, please contact  in details:
Lawyer Dang Hoang Dung
Telephone : +84 4 628 42684/5 ext: 101
Yahoo: intracolaw
Mobile: +84 9 130 59573
Fax: +84 4 628 42686
Email: main@intracolaw.com.vn
Mobile/Whatsapp: +84913059573
No. 413, 4th Floor, B15, Dai Kim – Dinh Cong
Hoang Mai, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel: 84-24-62842684/5; (ext: 101)
Fax: 84-24-62842686;
Email: main@intracolaw.com.vn
Skype: hoangdunglawyer

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